Expert Monitoring for Comprehensive Asbestos Control

Our asbestos management plans are complemented by thorough inspections and measurements. This includes visual inspections, documentation assessments, air measurements, and dust contamination surveys. We prioritize quick report turnaround through our connections with accredited laboratories and our personalized, project-based approach.


    Setting the Standard in Maritime Asbestos Remediation

    Navigating asbestos challenges? Let our expertise be your guide. Whether you’re looking for tailored solutions or simply seeking advice, we are here to assist. Reach out today and embark on a journey of safety, efficiency, precision, and excellence.


    Our Location

    Located strategically close to major EU ports such as Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, and Bremerhaven. This prime location enables us to deliver our personalized, swift, and comprehensive services in these major ports. We provide global services with a personal touch. However, ensuring that no matter where in the world your operations are, excellence in asbestos management is always within reach.