Our Services

Asbestos Removal

Expertly executed asbestos removal, with specialized methods ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance at every step.

Asbestos / IHM Survey

Comprehensive surveys identifying hazardous materials onboard, preparing vessels for a safer future. Regardless the age of the vessel, the IHM Survey needs to be maintained throughout all stages of vessels’ life circle.

Asbestos / IHM Consultancy

Leverage our deep-rooted expertise for guidance on asbestos and all other hazardous material challenges.

Asbestos Project Management

End-to-end project oversight, ensuring efficient and compliant asbestos operations.

Asbestos Management Plan

Strategic planning tailored to manage and mitigate asbestos risks on your vessel.

Asbestos Monitoring

Regular checks and updates to ensure continued safety and compliance in asbestos management.

Second Opinion

Independent, expert assessments providing clarity and confidence in your asbestos decisions.